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03 Blockly-Pick & Place with Inputs

Download Often it is necessary for a robotic arm to wait for another machine or process to finish before moving with its program.  This can be done by adding the ability for a robot to read input values. In this activity you will learn how to add an input to a basic Pick and Place...

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01 Blockly Pick and Place Dobot

Download Robotic arms are excellent for performing pick and place operations such as placing small electronic components on circuit boards or laser cut stainless steel stencils, as well as large boxes on pallets. A pick and place operation will require at least 5 points: In this activity you will...

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Dipping with the Dobot Magician

Pick and place and moving things around are staples of industrial robots.  Another reason to use robots in industry and automation is because of danger to humans. Robots can work in environments that are adverse to humans; especially toxic and/or adverse environments. Sometimes the best way to pick...

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