13 Field Template

Download Consider the Field Template the “Playground” for your Dobot Magician! Place the robot’s base on the edge of the paper where it is outlined, and use the pallet to palletize, pick and place, or stack objects. There are also some “dip tanks off to the side to do...

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12 Input-Output Guide

Download The Input/Output Guide was put together by Jim and I and tested extensively to make sure that inputs and outputs worked smoothly and were well documented. The first page outlines how peripherals are attached to the Dobot, and the second page is the Digital Signal guide that shows you...

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14 Blockly-Curriculum

Download it! Introduction: This curriculum was designed to teach high school and college level students the basics of robotics, as used in industry, using the Dobot Magician, DobotStudio software, and the blockly programming language. Through these activities, you will also be able to make the...

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05 Blockly-Color Sort

Download it! Sensors are often added to industrial robots in order for them to perform specific tasks. These sensors can be as simple as a color detecting sensor, or as complex as a full vision system that will allow a robot to be aware of its surroundings, or find a part and determine its location...

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