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01 T&P Robot Axis & Movement

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Jointed arm robots are useful for many different tasks because of its range of motion and degrees of freedom. In this activity you will learn how to move a robotic arm in many different ways and write a program to make the robot write the word “CIM” with accuracy and repeatability. CIM stands for Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

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01 Blockly Pick and Place Dobot


Robotic arms are excellent for performing pick and place operations such as placing small electronic components on circuit boards, as well as large boxes on pallets. A pick and place operation will require at least 5 points: In this activity you will learn how to make a basic Pick and Place operation in blockly. Through this activity you will learn how to program the robot to move and turn on it’s suction cup in blockly

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Robocell Tutorials

on Tuesday, 17 March 2015.


robocellteaserRobocell is a very powerful robotic simulation program that allows you to teach and learn how to program robotic arms without all the costly hardware! Students really enjoy it, and think of it as a video game. Students build a 3d Cell, import it, teach or record some points, then program the robot how to get there. The videos below live on my youtube channel, and there will be more to follow!
Includes: -Saving files -Order of Operations Starting new projects -Importing 3D models -Recording positions -Writing the program
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