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The VEX Switch Doesn’t Work Anymore as an Input…. How do I fix it?


I used the Dobots last year to do activity 4 Using Digital Inputs (Here) and it worked great!  The kids are having a blast!  But no matter what I do this year, I cannot get it to work on any of my robots. How do I fix this?


  Well….. My bad…. I’ve been telling y’all (for you Texans out there) to be sure your wiring it correctly, and be sure it’s plugged in the correct port…. but that doesn’t seem to be the problem. The problem is a bug in the latest version of the 1.7.1 software. I am told that the bug will be addressed in the next release of the software, but no one knows when that will be released. So the safest answer right now… I know it is hard for some schools to do, but to revert to version 1.5.1 of the software. I will let you know as soon as I hear that the new version is out! This only seems to be a problem if you are using Teaching and Playback…. It works fine in Blockly… 

To do this, follow the steps below:
1. Go to the Dobot Download Center here:  2. Click on the link circled in red below that says previous versions.

3. In the resulting window choose version _Magician Studio v1.5.1
4. Delete the new version from your computer and reinstall this older version… until the new version with the bug fix comes out. Sorry for the hassle! In my classroom I am lucky enough to have the older version installed so I did not have this issue.

5. I strongly suggest that you do NOT install updates mid year!

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POE: How Does The Grid Work?

Here are some videos to help explain how the power grid works, and how to smarten it up!


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I can’t seem to get EdgeCAM or your Flow Arm to work, or any of the other CIM Software for that matter. What should I do?


Well, don’t cry; that doesn’t work. I’ve tried it. Screaming and yelling does not seem to work either. So here’s an idea:

Download the following Chris and Jim coloring pages!  That’s right! PDF coloring pages of yours truly! Download and make as many copies as you want, and have your kids color them in with crayons or markers or colored pencils; the options are endless!

Just click on the pictures below to download us! Don’t say we didn’t give you anything for Christmas!

This is a picture of me at CalPoly while mountain biking at Puddingstone reservoir! Chris_teaser

This is a picture of Jim when he came out to Cazenovia last Spring to do the Lynx Robotics update!

Any more questions?      
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