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Schoology How-To’s

Below is a Playlist of how-to’s when using Schoology to hand stuff in. Answers to the following questions are address and more!

  • Need to upload a picture/video?
  • Use a Word or Excel Document?
  • Use google drive to upload stuff?
  • How to use a discussion to answer a question?
  • Use the create tab to submit an assignment?
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Get a deal on a Dobot Magician through Chrisandjimcim!

We have found a way to get a Dobot Magician for teaching in your classroom! All you have to do is go to InPosition Technologies here: and when your district makes the purchase, use the code chrisandjimcim for $100 off and free shipping!

NOTE: We do get a portion of all sales that are generated using this code, and it will be used to pay for this website. 


The other advantages to buying it here using this code:
  • $100.00 off.
  • Free Shipping.
  • US warranty work is done here in the United States.
  • They sell spare parts and accessories that are shipped from right here too.
  • US based email and telephone support.
  • Updated User’s manual.
  • Software is FREE. No Codes. Download HERE
  • Comes Pre-assembled.
  • Access to Word Doc Activity files as they become available
  • Access to the 3D print and laser cut accessory files as seen in the videos like the pneumatic parts feeder and the pallets.

I have just purchased 8 of them for my classroom to use within my robotics class. As I develop activities, I will also share all of them, in Word Doc format for all of you who use the code to purchase a robot. I will also share the files for any of the 3D printed and lasercut accessories that we make for it in the classroom. Very easy to program, and very powerful software that can TEACH as well as RECORD. The software is free and requires no code. Download it here.  See the quick video below!


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How do I do I use the snip tool to take a screenshot and paste it into a word document?


Simple. I use the snip tool all the time to have students “show me” stuff that they have done in Inventor, EdgeCAM, ect. . It comes free with Windows 7 & 8.  I know, you’re probably using xp. Sorry then! Welcome to the 2000’s!  See the short video below! Careful though… you don’t always have to print. I have students hand stuff in electronically…saves trees!

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