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How do I Handshake Between a VEX Cortex and a Lynxmotion Robot Arm?


I have a lynxmotion robot, and I want to make it talk to a machine connected to a VEX Cortex using inputs and outputs. How do I do this?


This is called handshaking, and you will need at least one computer, Flowarm and RobotC Software, a Lynx arm with SSC32 controller, and a VEX cortex  to do this.
Below is a worksheet that you can download with all of the basics, and there will be a video below shortly as well.
reddownload VEX 2 Lynx Handshaking
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How Do I start My Lynxmotion Robot With SSC-32U?


How do I get my Lynxmotion robot to connect with my computer? I have the new USB version of the SSC-32.


It is a little bit different, in that there is now only one switch, and it will connect every single time, as long as you follow the right steps.  The steps are listed below and can be downloaded as a PDF from the link as well. Pay attention to the last step! Even if you are not using bluetooth turn it on.

reddownloadusing the new ssc32 Download

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