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Dobot to Dobot Handshake!

We did it! We made a dobot magician talk to another one and make it start. We even added a VEX switch as an input to start the first one. It is easy to do, but one word of caution:

Never connect or disconnect any wires to the dobot while it is powered on; always power it down first. Damage may result!

Ok, now on to the good stuff. If you bought your dobot through InPosition HERE, not only did you get a $100 discount, you get access to the documentation to make this happen for free! just email us! This includes worksheets and wiring diagrams.

Tony Koppers, my senior EDD student has done all of the legwork to make this happen, so special thanks to him!

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The Lynxmotion AL5D V2: Putting it all together

So you have new Lynxmotion robots for your classroom, so now you have to build and wire them. I’ve put together 4 videos to help you assemble and wire them. This is not meant to replace the manual, but rather to supplement it. You can find the manual here: PLTW-AL5D-Guide-11.  Lots of new stuff in the manual too, especially about how servos work.

Here’s a few short videos to get you going!

Tips & Tricks on Assembly

Wiring the Power Supply

Wiring the Servos

Centering the Servos

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Centering Servos


How do you center the servos when you build your lynxmotion AL5D?


Best way is to NOT turn the servos; like that’ll happen! There is a whole section in the new manual that can help you teach how servos work, so check the manual too! You can find it here: PLTW-AL5D-Guide-11. One way is to do it with a special tool called a servo driver. You can buy these on line, or at your local hobby shop. RobotShop used to carry it, but I do not see it there any more.  See the video below on how to use one.

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How do you use outputs on a Dobot Magician?


How do you use outputs on a Dobot Magician to do something?


How about a grinding operation? See below for the basics. A full blown tutorial will be coming soon!

A Grinding Operation with the Dobot and a  Continuous Rotation Servo

This robot is the smoothest, speediest, most accurate and repeatable one I have ever used in CIM class… except for my Fanuc.

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Feetech Servo on the Lynxmotion AL5D Arm


My new Lynxmotion AL5D robot arm from RobotShop came with a new servo called a Feetech. How come my arm works backwards now?


Well…. because the servo may be installed backwards. I know, you looked at the picture on the directions, but the first one may be wrong. When they switched servos, from the HiTecHS-805BB to the FeeTech FS6535M, there was one little hitch…. the Feetech runs OPPOSITE the Hitec. Because of this, the shoulder servo needs to be installed backwards. Once you get the directions, ignore the first picture and follow the directions. They can be found HERE. Want to buy a robot? Buy one HERE.
See the pictures below for details.
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