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VEX Encoder Doesn’t Work!


I can’t seem to get my encoder to work no matter what I do!  It will only ever return a value of 0 or 1, and only for a moment. What’s up?


Well, did you restart your software and hardware? Then check this out!  I’ll bet you have another analog sensor plugged into your cortex, like the sonar…. Found this after searching the web…. If using another analog sensor, the Quad Encoder MUST be plugged into a higher number port. Really? Yup. See the snip below. Spent at least a day on this then found the documentation on line, switched the ports with the sonar sensor so that the encoder was on 8 & 9, and the sonar on 4 & 5, and viola! Success!  Try it! Also… we NEVER got the error as shown below… It just didn’t work. Download the whole VEX pdf here: Quadrature+Encoders

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POE Simple Machines

So you need a little help learning how to do lever problems, huh?  Below are a bunch of of videos that show how to do the problems in the Levers & Wheels presentation, step by step. Watch it once, or as many times as you like. Please let me know if you have any questions!     Continue Reading

Robocell: Handshaking


How do I complete Robocell Activity H, Handshaking? It’s not that hard to do once you understand the concepts behind variables.

  Here are some video tutorials to get you on your way:

Handshaking: Cell Setup

Handshaking: Finding the Points

Handshaking: Programming the Cell

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NEW! Lynxmotion AL5D PLTW Guide


The guide for building the Lynxmotion AL5D robot is not easy to follow. Do you have any suggestions for building the robot?


Of course we do!  #1: Robotshop & Lynxmotion put out a brand new guide that can be found HERE. The new guide is very easy to follow with great step by step directions as well as great instructions and diagrams. They even added a whole bunch of information on servos and how they work. Please download this immediately!

I also made a short video on “Tips & Tricks” for building it. Watch it below.

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See you at the University of Texas at Tyler!

University-of-Texas-Tyler-LogoWell CTI’s have been doled out finally!  Jim will be at CalPoly Pomona, Ryan Dennes will be at the University of Kentucky & Bucknell and I will be at the University of Texas at Tyler with Ryan Stobaugh . There are a total of nine sessions going on for CIM throughout the summer so check your schedule and sign up now. Below is some information about University of Texas at Tyler. See the map below for location of UT Tyler.

What’s there to do around Houston?

independence-plaza-nowWell, I plan on going to a Houston Astros baseball game, eating my way through some of america’s top authentic mexican restaurants, and take the Bayou City by bike. I also want to go to the Space Center at Houston.   Here’s a list of must do’s that can be found here at Tripadvisor no matter what your interests.

About UT Tyler

A member of the renowned University of Texas System, The University of Texas at Tyler carries a proud tradition of high-quality students and academic opportunities. Located on 200 acres, UT Tyler is a safe university with a park-like setting of lush trees and wildlife. The campus consists of 15 modern buildings arranged around two lakes.
UT Tyler is ranked among the top 15 public master’s-level universities and among the top 51 master’s-level universities overall in the West region by U.S. News & World Report.
One of the state’s fastest-growing universities, UT Tyler provides the individual opportunity you would only expect at a small private university – without private university tuition expenses. We are attracting excellent students who often out-perform graduates from all other Texas public universities on state licensing exams in engineering, nursing, and education.
Texas became a PLTW Affiliate in 2001 through the University of Houston Center for Technology Literacy. The Texas-PLTW affiliation transferred to The University of Texas at Tyler Ingenuity Center in 2005.
The mission of the Ingenuity Center is to increase the technological literacy and creativity of Texas’s youth. The UT Tyler Ingenuity Center develops instructional resources and teacher professional development activities to help middle and high school teachers enhance their skills for teaching about technological literacy and innovation education.
The Ingenuity Center provides summer training for teachers, as well as conferences for counselors, administrators, and teachers.

The CIM class will be held at their engineering center in Houston. Continue Reading

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