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Tutorial:Types of Robots & End Effectors

Special thanks to ExploreGate for their series of two minute videos on robot types and gripper types. See their whole channel here.

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2017 PLTW EOC CIM Final Exam

It’s that time of year again! I am now receiving at least 20 requests per week that sound something like this: ” Can you give/share/sell me your final exam questions, resources, study guides?”. The short answer is NO. District policy prevents me from sharing any assessment resources that I utilize in the teaching of any and all courses including CIM.

I have two suggestions:


As you teach each section of the course, develop 5 or so multiple choice questions from the powerpoints and the key terms given, then give them as quizzes throughout the year. This is a pain the first year, but makes every year after that much easier. This is what I do, and every year I add a few to my bank of questions.  I then choose 50-75 questions from this bank at the end of the year, and call this my final exam.  Again, due to disitrict policy, I cannot share.


2. Check the content map on the Assessment course of the PLTW LMS. this will tell you approximately how many questions there are on the final exam from each unit. This will help tremendously when your students study for the final exam. I put a picture of the one for CIM below from 2017. For the latest greatest version check the PLTW Assessment LMS often.

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2016 PLTW Engineering Teacher of the Year Chris Hurd

Original article in PLTW’s website can be found here.

Chris Hurd, PLTW Engineering Master Teacher at Cazenovia High School in Cazenovia, New York, received the 2016 PLTW Engineering Teacher of the Year award at PLTW Summit 2016.

Hurd has been teaching PLTW Engineering since 1999 and has credits in Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), Principles of Engineering (POE), Digital Electronics (DE), Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), and Engineering Design and Development (EDD). He became a Master Teacher in 2000.

Cazenovia High School Principal Eric Knuth describes Hurd as a €œforce of nature€ whose skill in building relationships €“ with students, colleagues, and community leaders €“ is unparalleled. Hurd is a trusted adviser and a constant champion for his students; he believes in them wholeheartedly and challenges them to do things they never thought they could. Furthermore, he is known in his community as THE guy when it comes to teaching engineering to high schoolers.

One would be €œhard-pressed to find anyone that has more of a positive impact on kids€™ lives than Chris Hurd,€ Knuth says. €œHe has been a mentor and model for of hundreds kids, and he changes lives, one student at a time.€

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