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Making the Physical Container on the CNC Mill

Sometimes you just have to see it to understand it. I know because I am a visual learner. So here it is: How to make the container from start to finish….. Physically speaking! From a block of Renshape to final product. No code  or 3D modelling at all!
If your looking for the Inventor tutorials for the container, look here:
Lets start with the fixture:

  Then we can machine the base:

And now for the lid. It gets machined on the back side of the base!

Next we use a bandsaw to split the top from the base:

Want to manually face the part?  Here is how:

Last but not least…. How to put a surface on your container:

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How do I make sure my Container Lip & Lid will fit? The last time we did the container project, the student made them the same size, and the parts did not fit together! I do not want this to happen again!


The 3 minute video below will help you make sure that the two parts will fit together. Always leave a little room between the two, or they will not fit about 0.002″ works on my Super Prolight, but my old Prolight requires a tolerance of about 0.003″.

Inventor, verify, lid, fit, change, dimension, section, view, custom, view
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Example Factories


Do you have any sample factories I can show my students to get them excited?


Sure do…. see the links below!  Be sure to send us any that you and your students do… we would love to feature them here!

CalPoly’s 2015 Factory that Assembles the lid to a container that was built in the previous unit of the CIM course.

That’s right…. CalPoly built TWO factories this year! This one does a powder coating operation on a metal part.

Would you like to see a playlist of older factories built at previous CTI’s? Click on the video below to get a playlist of many more.

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Making a Container in Inventor

Step by step, how do you make a container in Inventor? These four videos show you how! Be sure to download the PDF “Cheat Sheets” that go with them. Just click on the link below and a zip file with the four pdfs will be downloaded!

reddownloadInventor Container Cheat Sheets

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