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Basic Part Creation Using Autodesk Fusion 360

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Student Notes: Download the Worksheet, dimension the parts using the given scale, then make them in your 3D modeling software! Here is a project to help you and your students get acquainted with Autodesk Fusion 360. There are eleven parts to make, and they are all pretty simple. There are many examples of subtractive and additive 3D modeling techniques as well as extensive use of the Hole tool. There is a Loft as well.

Teacher Notes: Download and hand out the Worksheet, so that students can figure out the dimensions and take notes, then hand out the Hand-In file electronically so that students can paste a snip of the parts into it so that you can grade it.

These parts originated from a worksheet I used to use when we used t-squares and triangles on a drawing board so some of the more “seasoned” professionals may get a kick out of them!

This would be another activity that you might be able to use as a distance learning project during the COVID-19 outbreak as well.

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01 T&P Robot Axis & Movement

Download Activity

Download Blank Field Template

Jointed arm robots are useful for many different tasks because of its range of motion and degrees of freedom. In this activity you will learn how to move a robotic arm in many different ways and write a program to make the robot write the word “CIM” with accuracy and repeatability. CIM stands for Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

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06 Presentation-Dobot Blockly Hardware Connections


This presentation is meant to be an introduction to all of the different devices that can be interfaced with the Dobot Magician in terms of hardware. Both Jim and I suggest using this in the classroom as a student resource, rather than a presentation that you go over slide by slide; Although, there may be some value in introducing some of the hardware that you may use in your class at this point.

Just give it to the kids as a resource, let them download it, and use it as they need it!

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