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What else do we need to teach CIM?


What else do we need to really teach CIM? Are there any “extras” that you recommend?


We get this question weekly. So here’s what we are going to do. Give you a preview to a Google doc that is live so we can update it on the fly. You will see it right below this paragraph. Be sure to scroll left and right and up and down to see all of the content! Links are live too!

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I have my VEX kits, and it seems I have a bushel basket of extra wheels, and not enough sensors or cool stuff for my kids to use. What do you suggest I buy as extras, and how many?

This post is ARCHIVED, meaning links may or may not work, and it may not scale well on a mobile device as it was written a while ago. The prices in it may need to be updated, but iDesign is always willing to come up with a quote!


I had the same issue in my class, and then I found a source for individual parts. If you use the attached Excel spreadsheet, and send it to iDesign Solutions they will send you a quote, and in my experience, it has always been less expensive than from VEX. They take purchase orders, and have very fast delivery. I have never had anything back ordered. THIS IS MEANT TO SUPPLEMENT THE KITS, NOT REPLACE THEM! The prices you see are directly from the website above, but send it as a quote, and see what kind of price you get! If you find parts that you think I missed, please let me know!

Black_Download Download an XLS Spreadsheet to send for a quote.

Right off the bat, I would order these extras for each kit, as they would allow you to build all the testbeds exactly the same:
Qty. Unit Cat # Description
1 276-2162 3-Wire Servo
1 276-2210 Flashlight
1 276-2158 Light Sensor
After I received a grant to purchase more VEX components, I decided not to buy kits, but piece out the kits with only the parts I thought we would need, and what I ordered is below. This way I did not end up with lots of wheels, and had lots of Inputs and Outputs. What you see below will cost about $5000. (That was my grant total!):

The attached spreadsheet will allow you to change quantities and the total price will be reflected.

Qty. Unit Cat # Description
3 276-1189 Bevel Gearbox Bracket
8 276-2162 3-Wire Servo
5 276-2210 Flashlight
4 276-2158 Light Sensor
4 276-2155 Ultrasonic Range Finder
3 276-1957 Rack Gear (16 Pack)
3 275-1188 Rack Gearbox Bracket (2 pack)
3 276-1424 3-wire extension cables (large bundle)
3 276-1426 3-wire extension cables 12″ (4 pack)
3 275-1187 Worm Gearbox Bracket
5 275-1060 Plus Gusset (8 pack)
5 276-2216 Potentiometer (2 pack)
2 276-2214 Tank Treads Upgrade Kit
6 276-1456 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 2000mAh
2 276-2168 Tank Tread Kit
2 276-2231 Probot Robot Kit
5 276-2232 Booster Kit
5 276-2159 Bumper Switch (2 pack)
6 276-2177 2-Wire Motor 393
5 276-2174 Limit Switch (2 Pack)
3 276-2156 Optical Shaft Encoder (2 Pack)
3 276-2176 LED Indicator Pack
5 276-2194 Vex Cortex Microcontroller
4 276-2161 Metal & Hardware Kit
4 276-2184 Advanced Gear Kit
4 276-2219 Battery Strap (2 Pack)
8 276-1403 USB A-A Cable
4 276-1341 Base Plate 30×15 (2 Pack)
3 276-1926 Linear Motion kit
3 276-1546 Winch and Puilley Kit
8 276-2193 Motor Controller
0 276-1110 Gusset Pack
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