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2016 PLTW Engineering Teacher of the Year Chris Hurd

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Chris Hurd, PLTW Engineering Master Teacher at Cazenovia High School in Cazenovia, New York, received the 2016 PLTW Engineering Teacher of the Year award at PLTW Summit 2016.

Hurd has been teaching PLTW Engineering since 1999 and has credits in Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), Principles of Engineering (POE), Digital Electronics (DE), Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), and Engineering Design and Development (EDD). He became a Master Teacher in 2000.

Cazenovia High School Principal Eric Knuth describes Hurd as a €œforce of nature€ whose skill in building relationships €“ with students, colleagues, and community leaders €“ is unparalleled. Hurd is a trusted adviser and a constant champion for his students; he believes in them wholeheartedly and challenges them to do things they never thought they could. Furthermore, he is known in his community as THE guy when it comes to teaching engineering to high schoolers.

One would be €œhard-pressed to find anyone that has more of a positive impact on kids€™ lives than Chris Hurd,€ Knuth says. €œHe has been a mentor and model for of hundreds kids, and he changes lives, one student at a time.€

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Roles in Manufacturing

on Saturday, 28 March 2015.


RobotsSo now our students are ready to graduate with a taste for what manufacturing is all about. How many of your students are interested in manufacturing? How many even know what jobs are out there and what it takes to get them?
Our students need to know that there are many different fields in manufacturing and that some need on the job training, while others may need two to four year degrees. Let’s face it: Not all of our students are fit to go for a four year engineering degree right out of high school. I feel we need to do a better job educating our students (and parents) about what it takes to be successful in manufacturing.
I found an excellent source of information for students, parents, and teachers alike, thanks to one of my collegues, Jason Hyatt, who shared an amazing website with me. We decided that ALL of our students need to be exposed to information like this from middle school on. We do not have a large sphere of influence at the elementary school yet; but that’s in the works too….
The website is called Smart Futures: Exploring Careers, and there is a whole section on manufacturing. Included in all of this info are excellent videos, job descriptions, and skills needed to succeed in each of the many fileds in manufacturing that it outlines. It even included Management, Production Assembly, and Engineering, just to name a few.
Below are just a few of the descriptive videos found at Smart Futures: Exploring Careers
Trades: Millwright Machinist Management: Operations Management at Nestle: Professional: Engineering  (Found on youtube, not from the same source) Trades: Tool & Die Maker This is just the “tip of the iceberg” though, as the website is so much more than just these videos. There are external links to many, many different jobs, at all levels, for all of our students interested in manufacturing. Give Smart Futures: Exploring Careers a try, there is something here for all of your students that are interested in manufacturing. Thanks Jason Hyatt!
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