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See you at the University of Texas at Tyler!

University-of-Texas-Tyler-LogoWell CTI’s have been doled out finally!  Jim will be at CalPoly Pomona, Ryan Dennes will be at the University of Kentucky & Bucknell and I will be at the University of Texas at Tyler with Ryan Stobaugh . There are a total of nine sessions going on for CIM throughout the summer so check your schedule and sign up now. Below is some information about University of Texas at Tyler. See the map below for location of UT Tyler.

What’s there to do around Houston?

independence-plaza-nowWell, I plan on going to a Houston Astros baseball game, eating my way through some of america’s top authentic mexican restaurants, and take the Bayou City by bike. I also want to go to the Space Center at Houston.   Here’s a list of must do’s that can be found here at Tripadvisor no matter what your interests.

About UT Tyler

A member of the renowned University of Texas System, The University of Texas at Tyler carries a proud tradition of high-quality students and academic opportunities. Located on 200 acres, UT Tyler is a safe university with a park-like setting of lush trees and wildlife. The campus consists of 15 modern buildings arranged around two lakes.
UT Tyler is ranked among the top 15 public master’s-level universities and among the top 51 master’s-level universities overall in the West region by U.S. News & World Report.
One of the state’s fastest-growing universities, UT Tyler provides the individual opportunity you would only expect at a small private university – without private university tuition expenses. We are attracting excellent students who often out-perform graduates from all other Texas public universities on state licensing exams in engineering, nursing, and education.
Texas became a PLTW Affiliate in 2001 through the University of Houston Center for Technology Literacy. The Texas-PLTW affiliation transferred to The University of Texas at Tyler Ingenuity Center in 2005.
The mission of the Ingenuity Center is to increase the technological literacy and creativity of Texas’s youth. The UT Tyler Ingenuity Center develops instructional resources and teacher professional development activities to help middle and high school teachers enhance their skills for teaching about technological literacy and innovation education.
The Ingenuity Center provides summer training for teachers, as well as conferences for counselors, administrators, and teachers.

The CIM class will be held at their engineering center in Houston. Continue Reading

CalPoly Pomona: Factory Smackdown!

The new CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) teachers at CalPoly Pomona’s CTI successfully completed another “Factory Smackdown”.  See the videos below!

Concierge Factory:

In our factory cell an AGV stops at each of four stations, where a signal is sent to a robotic arm. The arm picks up a product, places it into the package, then sends a signal to the AGV to rotate the pack and move to the next station. Once the package is full, the AGV offloads it onto the shipping dock.
In our factory cell an AGV stops at each of four stations, where a signal is sent to a robotic arm. The arm picks up a product, places it into the package, then sends a signal to the AGV to rotate the pack and move to the next station. Once the package is full, the AGV offloads it onto the shipping dock.

Fruit Sorter:

By using VEX and Lynxmotion we created a fruit sorting factory. The Lynxmotion robots grabbed the fruit from the funnel line, placed the fruit at the color sensor(aka line sensor) then placed the fruit into the correct bin. The AGV then took the fruit away, and the system started all over again.
Special Thanks to~ Our Master Teachers Chris Hurd and Moises Gonzalez and our group members: Khris Kading, Martin Velasio, Donnie Whitworth, Rich Mayfield, Candy Drabek, and Gary Potter.

Toxic Waste

Cal Poly Pomona CIM Core Training, 2016. Team Toxic Hurd takes on the challenge of packaging, containing, sealing and transporting toxic waste, practice golf balls. This factory cell uses two Lynx Robotic Arms and two VEX Cortex. The Lynx arms and the Cortex communicated with each other to signal the ‘handshake’ required to keep all the operations ruining on time.   The Lynx arms are controlled with Flowarm, and the Cortex was programmed with  RobotC.

  Continue Reading

Factory simulations from UK show off automation

Doesn’t get much better than this!  18 teachers from around the country gathered at the University of Kentucky to learn about CIM for two weeks. They spent two days showing off what they learned by making a factory simulation. The class was broken up into two teams, and both successfully completed their tasks.
The rules were as follows:
  • Each team must have two Lynxmotion robotic arms
  • There must be multiple handshakes between pieces of equipment
  • There have to be at least three different operations
  • The factory must include VEX
  • There must be pneumatics or hydraulics involved
The first team built an automated bourbon barrel filling station. It drilled, filled, bunged, transported, stamped and stored barrels.

The second team built a machine that recycled golf balls and turns them into range balls, complete with striping mechanism. Used two Lynxmotion arms, many handshakes, lots of VEX, 3D printed grippers and pneumatics!

  Continue Reading

CIM class at UK gets visitors

2016 UK VisitScott Tobias and I are teaching at the University of Kentucky for two weeks, and our charge is this: Train 18 teachers from around the country to teach our nations high school students Computer Integrated Manufacturing. (The best PLTW Engineering course by far btw….) Every year we get visitors from administrators, teachers, and others from around the area trying to get a glimpse of what CIM is; and they always leave with a smile, knowing more about what we do.
This week we had special visitor. A former UK Alumni, and engineer, Mr. Bill Sims was in town with his family, and he stopped on campus. We just happened to be running the milling machines, and they came in to investigate. His family got quite the treat!  Participants showed his family what they were doing, and even let the kids run the CNC machines, while we found out more about Mr. Sims.
bill simsMr. Sims has quite the storied background, and spent many years learning on the UK campus, starting when he was in high school. He then went into the Air Force, proudly serving our nation (thank you!), and then he went on to become an engineer at Disney. While there he played a key role in designing the “Tower of Terror” and many other rides.  He is now on his way to Dayton Ohio, where he will present his design for a statue to be placed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Read more about his life HERE.
Thank you Mr. Sims for your visit today. We had fun showing your family what CIM is all about, and we had fun talking to you as well. Thanks also for everything along the way, from serving our great country, to the Tower of Terror, and everything else you have done in between! We will be sending you a finished container when they are all done. Best wishes in Dayton, and I hope to see your statue the next time I teach CTI at Sinclair! Continue Reading

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