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IED Students Design & Build Clocks

For their final project in Design and Drawing for Production (IED), students in Mr. Hyatt’s class designed, modeled, and produced their own custom laser cut clocks.  Students were given some basic constraints but were encouraged to be creative, use the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired this year in class, and demonstrate what the laser cutter is capable of doing through cutting and engraving.  All clocks were cut using ⅛” Baltic Birch Plywood and pieces were layered, cut, engraved, and/or painted to achieve their specific looks.

In addition to this final project, students also designed, modeled, and produced custom fidget spinners earlier this year and printed them on the 3D printers.  They also designed and produced T-shirts with their own custom designed logos. The students did an excellent job! @PLTWorg @CazenoviaCSD @CazHSTechLabs @mfgeducation

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Make Cool S*** TV: Youtube Series

This is an interesting “TV show” on YouTube that highlights a different manufacturer in each episode.  The first episode is about a company called “Made In America Manufacturing” which is a small machine shop that makes hard to make parts out of hard to work materials like stainless steel, titanium, and inconel (a superalloy).

The show has tons of vocabulary and the owner of the machine shop describes machining processes very well. Thanks for all of the good, basic information. It is however a bit long for use in the classroom, but I could see students watching on their own, just because of the name.

And about the name… Sorry Kyle, but with the name you gave the show, you shot yourself in the foot for the educational market.  after a week only 380 views? If you aimed for the educational market, I feel you would have many more views. Just my opinion… I look forward to seeing what the other topics for later episodes will be. Check it out for yourself!

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Containers: Cool designs & example files!


I am sick of making square or rectangular containers! Do you have any better ideas?


Who says your container has to be a 3″ x 2″ x 2″ box? What do you get when you ask master teachers for some of their best container project designs ever? These! A lot of these come from Matt Baehr’s classroom in Lancaster High School, but there are some thrown in from Jim Hansen’s classes at Walker Career Center, and mine at Cazenovia HS as well. Click on the picture  below to get lots of ideas from all over the country. or here:




Wish I had some container examples! I’ve looked everywhere!


Look no further! Here are some examples from the classrooms of some excellent Core Training Instructors! All of the files necessary to make them are included in the zip files. Run in CNCmotion or your simulator of choice to be sure they will work on your machine. Enjoy! Just Click on the pictures below to download them!
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