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The VEX Testbed is boring….


The VEX Testbed is boring; do you know of another way to make learning RobotC programming more appealing to high school students?


Well, in my classroom we build clawbots, then add all of the sensors to them. we then get to program the sensors on a real, mobile robot!  Kids love it and the culminating activity is a game where they get to drive the robots around; just like a real VEX competition.  In the meantime, they are learning how to program inputs and outputs, the difference between analog and digital, and the how closed and open loop systems work.

reddownloadClawbot TestBed

In the zipped folder above you will find the following documents:
  1. Clawbot Sensor Install: This document shows you how to install the sensors on the clawbot to complete some activities.
  2. Clawbot Checklist: This is a document that the students do screen captures of their RobotC programs on so that you can keep track of their progress as they go.
  3.  Cortex Wiring Diagram: An example of the Cortex wiring. I like to use a template in my class so each robot is the same; it makes troubleshooting easier. It looks like this:

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Nanoline 2014 – RoboDose


2014 Walker Career Center Nanoline Team

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           The €œNano Consultants,€ high school engineering students from the Walker Career Center of Indianapolis, Indiana, are proud to introduce the RoboDose.  The RoboDose is our solution to this year€™s, Phoenix Contact, Nanoline automation-solution Competition. The contest presented us the opportunity to put to use our skills in design, engineering, and programming to solve a real world problem. The RoboDose uses an industry standard controller to automate the process of an everyday problem. We took the provided Phoenix Contact Nanoline PLC starter kit and their Nano-Navigator software and produced what we believe could be the answer to an everyday issue. Our team worked through numerous design sessions in order to arrive at this year€™s solution. Our team of two boys and three girls made the decision to solve the problem of the elderly forgetting to take, remembering when to take, and trying to recall how many of each medication to take. Our device was designed to eliminate the need of weekly/daily pill organizers and caregivers having to individually dispense and monitor prescriptions we created a product that could safely and securely dispense the proper dosages, multiple times a day. The machine was designed to notify caregivers or family members if proper dosages were not taken in a timely manner.


Team_Brainstorm Many of us have an elderly person in our lives who is taking prescription medication. At one point, even many of us will reach an age or time when we can no longer remember much in our lives, especially fine details. We need to be able to give the elderly back some of their independence, and allow relatives to have peace of mind that their loved ones are taken care of. We designed this product for use by patients at hospitals, nursing homes, senior living facilities or even those elderly living independently at home.
We developed an automated system that would, once scheduled, be able to accurately distribute various medications and quantities, multiple times a day. RoboDose will notify the user through both audible and visual notifications when the proper dosage has been prepared and when it is time to take the dosage. For example, if the user had up to 6 separate pills in varying quantities to take at six in the morning, RoboDose would jump to life and begin to dispense their dosage.  Once prepared, RoboDose will sound an alarm and flash lights, informing the user that their medication is ready to be taken. If this dosage is not removed from the system for whatever reason, within a predetermined time range, the machine would then send an SMS text message to the caregiver from RoboDose, notifying them that the medication has not been taken. After a while longer, if the medication still has not been taken, the machine would then alert the caretaker and the family that the patient needs attention. Back_Panel
Build_2 To stay on track, we used a design process flowchart strategy from the University of Maryland. We used VEX components ( for structure and motion, alongside a variety of additional parts and equipment from Phoenix Contact ( to control our machine.  In addition, we aggressively used a variety of third party sensors and controllers from companies such as Phidgets ( and Robot Shop ( to provide feedback and control of many internal operations of the machine, such as our RFID personal identifier. The exterior, hopper, and LED housings were created from acrylic parts designed by us and cut from our Universal Laser System. We designed our pill feeder system in Autodesk Inventor€™s 3D modeling software and grew all of the prototypes and final designs in our classroom 3D Dimension printer. A portion of our costs were funded through the generosity of our sponsors which include: The Walker Career Center, Walgreens, Phidgets, Robot Shop, Office Max, and T-Mobile.
It is hard for us to put into words what this experience has done for us if you have not experienced it for yourself. We are excited to be able to have the opportunity to showcase our knowledge, hard work, and drive at the Hannover Fair. We are extremely thrilled that our hard work and lots of dedication (250+ hours of work each!!) ended in such a rewarding way. Programming_4

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{flv}RoboDose Hanover Video_1{/flv}


Design_1 Design_2
Design_3 Design_4
Design_5 Design_6
Design_7 hand
Build Build_4
Build_6 Build_7
Proto Structure
Build_3 Build_5
RFID Progamming_5
Progamming_2 Programming
Action Progamming_4
Electrical_1 Electrical_2
Electrical_3 Electrical_5
Electrical_4 Wiring_-_Copy
Electrical_6 Soldering

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