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Tool Attribute WS: What Speeds & Feeds for Renshape?


What are the speeds and feeds that you use in your classroom while CNC machining?


That’s really a loaded question!  It depends on a lot of different variables. With that said, below is a list of speeds, feeds, plunge rates, and general info I use when machining Renshape 440 or 450 in my classroom on an Intellitek Super Prolight 1000. I have used the same numbers consistently on the Benchmill 6000, as well as the ExpertMill. Note: These are conservative. As you should be in your classroom, especially as a first year teacher!
Thanks to Fred Routson for filling this out properly! I then went and added my two cents.
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Cazenovia PLTW Student Designs Product for International Robot Company

on Tuesday, 28 July 2015.


lynxmotion-base-rotate-heavy-duty-base-vex-adapter-4Brady Flannery, a student in Cazenovia High School’s PLTW program recently came up with an idea to make a project in his CIM class easier. His teacher, Chris Hurd thought it was a good idea, and asked him to pursue it to use in his classroom next year. He spent many free periods throughout the year perfecting his idea, and making it work well. Word got out to RobotShop, an international robotics company, and they asked Brady if he wanted to pursue it as a saleable idea. Brady worked with Mr. Hurd through May and June, developing the idea, making models with the laser cutter, and documenting his progress. Throughout the design process Brady worked with the engineers & designers at RobotShop, vetting the design, until it was perfected. Brady then sent the documentation, including the 3D computer model files, where the company made prototypes, tested the final design, and approved it. Brady€™s design was recently approved, and is now on sale at RobotShop. Go to the RobotShop website to see it here:  or at the Lynxmotion website here: site
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The Big Move

on Tuesday, 24 March 2015.


Students in the EDD class have spent the last 3 weeks planning, labelling, and dismantling the Cell donated by Marquardt. Today, March 23rd, 2015, all of the parts were brought up to room 231.
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Automated Switch Manufacturing Cell:

on Wednesday, 25 February 2015.


teaser2So you know about the cell that Marquardt Switches donated to Cazenovia High School, right?  There’s a little more info here. Scott Hansen, The engineer who designed and built the cell that manufactures power tool switches came to school to briefly explain how the cell operates. The cell was used to make power tool switches, and was donated to our department. This year, a group of EDD students are going to disassemble it, bring it into the classroom, and reassemble it. Watch this video below for a quick intro to what it does, and stay tuned for much, much more.  
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