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Making the Physical Container on the CNC Mill

Sometimes you just have to see it to understand it. I know because I am a visual learner. So here it is: How to make the container from start to finish….. Physically speaking! From a block of Renshape to final product. No code  or 3D modelling at all!
If your looking for the Inventor tutorials for the container, look here:
Lets start with the fixture:

  Then we can machine the base:

And now for the lid. It gets machined on the back side of the base!

Next we use a bandsaw to split the top from the base:

Want to manually face the part?  Here is how:

Last but not least…. How to put a surface on your container:

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What’s the Container Project?

What’s the container project you ask? It’s a project done in CIM class that teaches many different facets of CIM including:
G & M Code, 3D Modelling, Manual machine operations, CNC machining, Secondary processing, Tolerances, Documentation, Mass Production techniques, Assembly operations, Order of operations, Costs of materials, Speeds & feeds….
Just to name a few…  Here’s a short video done by one of my participants at the University of Kentucky Core Training Institute that gives a great visual representation of the steps required to go from start to finish. Thanks to Christopher Townsend, @BCHSEngrTech

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Containers: Cool designs & example files!


I am sick of making square or rectangular containers! Do you have any better ideas?


Who says your container has to be a 3″ x 2″ x 2″ box? What do you get when you ask master teachers for some of their best container project designs ever? These! A lot of these come from Matt Baehr’s classroom in Lancaster High School, but there are some thrown in from Jim Hansen’s classes at Walker Career Center, and mine at Cazenovia HS as well. Click on the picture  below to get lots of ideas from all over the country. or here:




Wish I had some container examples! I’ve looked everywhere!


Look no further! Here are some examples from the classrooms of some excellent Core Training Instructors! All of the files necessary to make them are included in the zip files. Run in CNCmotion or your simulator of choice to be sure they will work on your machine. Enjoy! Just Click on the pictures below to download them!
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How do you store your VEX kits to keep them separate, yet mobile? This post is ARCHIVED, meaning links may or may not work, and it may not scale well on a mobile device as it was written a while ago.


vexstore1 I’m going on my third year here at Cal Poly Pomona in sunny California and I’ve seen the greatest implementation of storage yet. This container is called the Fat Max and is made by Stanley. Each container holds exactly one PLTW Vex kit. The three smaller containers in the bottom are sold separately, and this costs about $120.00 each when all is said and done! It’s a available at Home Depot for about $80.00, part: Stanley 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station. The three totes inside are sold at Home Depot as well and hold the small parts like the hardware and the sensors. Thanks for the great idea Joe!
It’s not ruggedized, but for storage and portability it’ll be hard to beat. Each team of students has this box at the end of their workbench, and they can fold it and put it underneath at the end of the day. Closes and opens very easily and has a handle to wheel it away like a suitcase. I’d like to see what happens if you try to bring this puppy on a plane as a carry on… See you in the TSA nudie booth! email us with your suggestions! vexstore2
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