Pneumatics @ Cedar Point

Pneumatics @ Cedar Point


How do you stop a roller coaster that is going 120 mph, that weighs more than a ton?  Pneumatics of course!

My family and I just took a two day trip to the famed Cedar Point amusement park, and my kids rode the Top Fuel Dragster coaster. it is the second fastest coaster in the world, and the 3rd tallest! It also goes up at a 90 degree angle, and twists 270 degrees both up and down. A real “Puke Inducer”! See the videoHere!

In the picture below the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio is held in place by pneumatic cylinders that push rubber stoppers up in front of the coaster.


When you think about it, the Vex Cortex/Fischertek controller are the “Controller” in the picture above, and they actuate a double acting cylinder that forces the rubber stopper up and down. Can you implement that with Fischertek/Vex? I bet you can…..

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