Machining a Logo on a Container



Teachers at CIM CTI @ UK have designed containers in CAD, brought them into CAM software, simulated them on a computer, then manufactured them on a CNC Milling machine.

How else can we teach high school students advanced manufacturing techniques? Start with the teachers! Teachers have come from all over the state to learn how to teach the PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) at the University of Kentucky. What’s it look like when they used the milling machine to make the lid of their container? This 20 minute operation is timelapsed for you here into a 42 second video. See the photos below as well.     More Photos
WP_20150722_007_2 WP_20150722_012_1
 Teachers watch a demo by MT Ryan Dennes on the CNC machine. CTI participant ready’s the machine to make a part.
WP_20150723_007_1 WP_20150724_004
 Part being machined. Look carefully and you can see the webcam mounted in the machine used to take the video! Finished product with a really cool 

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Chris Hurd

I currently teach Technology and Engineering at Cazenovia HS in CNY. I also teach summers at the college level for PLTW in Oregon, Ohio, Florida, California, Kentucky, Eastern Michigan, and NY.

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