Question: How do I make the parts for the Mass Property Analysis activity? Solution: There are many ways to do this, and thanks to Jim, there a four video tutorials to walk you through them step by step from a solid piece of material in Inventor subtracted down to a finished part. Click on the videos below to play them. 1. Slotted Angle Block:
2. Mounting Bracket:
3. Support Bracket:
4. Pipe Support:
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IED Train Tutorials

So you want to know how to make the train parts from Introduction to Engineering Design class? I don’t blame you…. they are a great first step in Inventor to teach the basics of Inventor. One of my favorite IED teachers of all time, Jason Hyatt from Cazenovia HS, has put these together for us. Yes, it’s an older version of Inventor, but the concepts are the same. Please remember: we are trying to teach concepts, NOT which buttons to press! If the “Array” button is not in the same place in your version, don’t email us telling us we need to update our videos; maybe you should find the button yourself! Have fun!   Continue Reading

How do I know inventor will run in my classroom?


How do I know Inventor will run correctly in my classroom after it is installed?


It can be a huge issue to change the image of a computer, after it has been installed. There are some things you can do to check and be sure that it works. See the steps below. reddownloadCIM Check your Software-Inventor   inventorruncorrect                           inventorruncorrect2inventorruncorrect3inventorruncorrect4inventorruncorrect5 Continue Reading

What’s the simplest way to design in Inventor?


What’s the simplest way to design in Inventor? What’s the difference between “additive” and “subtractive” modelling?


See the 6 minute video below for one way to do it. It walks you through all the steps including starting a new file, doing additive and subtractive modelling, editing dimensions, and constraints. Please keep in mind this is only one way to do it.

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