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04.5 T&P Presentation-Robotic Communication


This presentation covers the inputs and outputs of the Dobot Magician as well as the communication technique called Handshaking. This is very simple form of communication with 1’s and 0’s. Includes the use of relays and Optical Isolators.

Examples are also given for robot to robot, robot to micro controller, and micro-controller to micro-controller configurations.

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13 Field Template


Consider the Field Template the “Playground” for your Dobot Magician! Place the robot’s base on the edge of the paper where it is outlined, and use the pallet to palletize, pick and place, or stack objects. There are also some “dip tanks off to the side to do dipping operations.

This template can be used with all of the activities, except we have found it best to use just a blank piece of paper when writing “CIM” with the pen end effector in Lesson 1.

The graph in the background is to scale, 1 box = 1 mm, and the pallet squares are evenly spaced at 30 mm on center for easy palletizing.

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12 Input-Output Guide


The Input/Output Guide was put together by Jim and I and tested extensively to make sure that inputs and outputs worked smoothly and were well documented.

The first page outlines how peripherals are attached to the Dobot, and the second page is the Digital Signal guide that shows you how to test inputs and outputs.

Page three is Inputs & Outputs for the Magician V1, and page four is exclusively devoted to the V2.

Page five just gives you a great way to test a handshake module with a voltmeter, and an idea for wiring multiple outputs for one cable.

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